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craft paper bag making machine

This bag making machine is designed for the automatic production of paper shopping bags with twisted handles, equipped with 4-color inline printing machine, which is an ideal choice for bag making operations looking to minimize operating costs without sacrificing quality.


Paper cutting length

260-530mm(without handle)260-530mm(without handle)360-800mm(without handle)360-800mm(without handle)
260-430mm(without handle)260-430mm(without handle)360-700mm(without handle)360-700mm(without handle)

Paper bag width

130-330mm(without handle)150-450mm(without handle)220-450mm(without handle)220-550mm(without handle)
220-330mm(without handle)250-450mm(without handle)250-450mm(without handle)250-550mm(without handle)
Paper bag bottom width70-180mm70-180mm100-250mm100-250mm

Paper thickness

60-160g/m2(without handle)

60-160g/m2(without handle)

60-160g/m2(without handle)

60-160g/m2(without handle)

80-160g/m2(with handle)80-160g/m2(with handle)90-160g/m2(with handle)90-160g/m2(with handle)
Twisted handle diameter3-4mm3-4mm3-4mm3-4mm
Handle patch length152mm190mm190mm190mm
Handle patch width45mm50mm50mm50mm
Twisted handle height140-150mm140-150mm140-150mm140-150mm
Paper roller width430-1050mm570-1290mm670-1430mm670-1630mm
Machine speed60-150pcs/min60-150pcs/min30-150pcs/min30-100pcs/min
Machine weight18000KG19500KG19500KG23000KG
Machine dimensionL12000*W5400*H2600mmL12000*W5600*H2600mmL13500*W5700*H2600mmL13500*W5700*H2600mm

The advantages of the custom paper bags making machine

Paper bag making machines are very advantageous because they help to save a lot of time and money. With the help of these machines, you can easily create any type of paper bags within a few minutes. Moreover, these machines are very easy to use and operate. You just need to feed the paper into the machine and it will do the rest for you.


The custom paper bags making machine is a complex device composed of various parts and components. Its main structure consists of an unwinder, folding system, web guide unit, printing section, lamination unit, punching station, and winding station. This machinery enables us to produce high-quality paper bags with utmost efficiency and accuracy in minimal time. With the advancement of technology more advanced features are added to this machine which makes it even more reliable for mass production purposes.


What is the production process of custom paper bags making machine?

Custom paper bags making machine adopts unique technology, according to the cutting and sewing production process of woven bags, and according to the rising labor cost and the original backwardness of the production process, professionally designed one-stop automatic professional equipment, the products produced are standard and neat.

The production process of the woven bag automatic cutting and sewing machine fully meets the humanized service. It can completely replace the heavy manual labor in the past. The process is divided into roll-up-cutting-holding edge-bottom sewing-bag collection.



Wenzhou Rokin Machinery CO. Ltd is the manufacturer of full automatic paper bag machine, v bottom paper bag machine, square bottom paper bag machine and related auxiliary equipment, etc. We have many professional engineers who have more than twenty years experience in the packaging equipment manufacturing industry. 

  • Q Are you manufacturer or trading company?

    A We are the manufacturer and have over 200 workers.
  • Q Where is your factory located? May I have a visit?

    A Warmly welcome! Our factory is located in Wenzhou city.
  • Q How is the quality of your machine?

    A We are in machine manufacturer over 20 years and regard quality as the life of the enterprise.We choose the world famous manufacturers as our suppliers. And besides, we have our own quality inspector.Machine parts are checked one by one according to the drawings! Good quality and good after-sales help us obtain good reputation in the international market! We have a technical team of seven person and at the same time cooperate with other Research Institutes.We are committed to providing customers with the best packaging machine.
  • Q What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

    A First, Paper raw material: Reel paper or Sheet Paper.
    Second, sizes of the paper bag, thickness of paper.
    Send sample bag picture if available.
    Then we will recommend the right machine to you!





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Wenzhou Rokin Machinery CO. Ltd is the manufacturer of full automatic paper bag machine, v bottom paper bag machine, square bottom paper bag machine and related auxiliary equipment, etc. 



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