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Case Making Machine

A Case Making Machine is a specialized device used in the bookbinding industry to automate the process of making hard covers for books, photo albums, and other similar products. The machine works by feeding cardboard or chipboard into the machine, which is then cut to the required size using a guillotine. The machine can also incorporate features such as corner cutting, rounding, and trimming, which add to the overall finishing and aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

Case Making Machine

The case making machine is used to automate the process of making hardcovers for books and other similar products. This specialized machine facilitates the production of high-quality hardcovers that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. With features like grooving, folding, and gluing, it is possible to create covers with precise and consistent dimensions. This machine offers several benefits, such as mass production of high-quality hardcovers, accuracy, consistency in the production process, and overall cost savings, making it an indispensable tool for the bookbinding industry.

Case Samples

R21 Case Making Machine

  • R21
  • A number of advantages characterize the R21 Case-Making Machine, including intelligence, speed, convenience, and simplicity of operation. It is primarily used for packaging and book and periodical publishing. In addition to mobile phones and electronics, it is widely used for cosmetics, food, clothing, shoes, cigarettes, liquor, and wine.
    Model R21
    Standard case size Min. 200*100mm Max. 800*450mm
    Round corner case size Min. 200*130mm Max. 550*450mm
    Soft spine case size Min. 200*100mm Max. 680*360mm
    Min. Spine size Hard spine: 8mm
    Soft spine: 20mm
    Speed Standard: 25-38 pcs/min
    Round corner: 20-25 pcs/min
    Working power 15.6 Kw
    Heating power 2*4.5 Kw
    Dimension L5100*W3300*H1800 mm
    Model Industrial Paperboard, Density board, Board, Plastic board, Etc
    Thickness 1-4 mm (Customized: 8mm) 
    Pieces 1-6 pcs
    Material Coated paper, Specialty paper, Cloth, Leather, PVC, PP, Etc
    Width 130-480 mm
    Length 230-830 mm
    Thickness 120-300 g/m2
    Technical Process
  • 1. Remote control of hot glue system: only mobile phone APP is needed. Through WIFI, the time delay switch can be accurately timed, multi-person control and WeChat control can be carried out, and state feedback can be provided, which can be freely controlled at any time and anywhere, making production more intelligent.
    2. Time-sharing start mode: the hot glue adopts time-sharing start mode, which can reduce the impact on the power grid and save more energy and electricity.
    3. Real-time monitoring: download APP via mobile phone or Pad to remotely monitor and view machine data.
    4. Data connection: It can quickly access the factory ERP system, and the production data and fault data can be imported into the system.

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    A First, paper raw material: reel paper or sheet paper.
    Second, sizes of the paper bag, thickness of paper.
    Send sample bag picture if available.
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