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PP Woven Valve Bag Machine

The new generation block bottom valve sack conversion line, based on hot air welding technology, creates attractive and beneficial laminated pp woven sacks. These bags can be quickly filled, smoothly piled, and transported due to their high strength and low cost. They are also compatible with automated in-feed systems and environmentally conscious, great for cement, fertilizer, grain, or feed industries when packing powder or granules. Additionally, they can cleverly be identified.

PP Woven Valve Bag Machine

The PP Woven Valve Bag Machine is a state-of-the-art machine, crafted to efficiently create first-rate valve bags for packing lots of items like cement, food, chemicals, and minerals. This machine integrates advanced technology that allows it to fabricate bags with precision, swiftness, and dependability. With its automated system for cutting and stitching, users can appreciate highly precise results with maximum uptime. This machine has been designed to be user-friendly, requiring minimal upkeep and providing optimal performance.


PP Woven Valve Bag Machine

    Model RKFK-600
    Feasible material Coated (PP or non-woven) cloth roll
    Speed 60-120pcs/min
    Sack width 350-600mm
    Finished Sack length 400-910mm
    Bottom width 80-160mm
    Bottom patch width 80-160pcs/min
    Finished Bag figure Bottom bags with open Or valve
    Base fabric 55-80g/m2
    Lamination 15-30 g/m2
    Top value Cutting length 80-200mm
    Top value Fabric width 170-340mm
    Bottom patch Cutting length 200-560mm
    Bottom patch Fabric width 75-175mm
    Power 85KW
    Dimension L10000*W8000*H2800mm
    Supply By User
    Gas source 0.7Mpa, 120 M3/h
    Water source 0.4Mpa,1M3/h
  • Downtime is greatly reduced by unwinding at two stations
    Automatic edge guidance and air brakes
    Both sides are perforated
    The conveyor is driven by servos
    Sensor tracking or presetting of cutting length
    Maintenance and downtime are reduced with circulating cutting blades.
    Bags are tightly caught by grippers
    Bag length determines gap adjustment
    Bottom center adjustment be auto-driven by means of motor
    Accounting for photocell control
    Preheating and tempering cutting cylinders for better welding
    Pressure sensors, inductive sensors, and photo sensors with high-resolution definition and sensitivity are capable of collecting accurate on-the-spot data

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Wenzhou Rokin Machinery Co. Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-quality machinery for the PP Woven Valve Bag Machine industry. With a professional tone and accurate grammar, this article will provide answers to some frequently asked questions about our company.
  • Q Are you manufacturer or trading company?

    A We are the manufacturer and have over 200 workers.
  • Q Where is your factory located? May I have a visit?

    A Warmly welcome! Our factory is located in Wenzhou city.
  • Q How is the quality of your machine?

    A We are in machine manufacturer over 20 years and regard quality as the life of the enterprise.We choose the world famous manufacturers as our suppliers. And besides, we have our own quality inspector.Machine parts are checked one by one according to the drawings! Good quality and good after-sales help us obtain good reputation in the international market! We have a technical team of seven person and at the same time cooperate with other Research Institutes.We are committed to providing customers with the best packaging machine.
  • Q What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

    A First, paper raw material: reel paper or sheet paper.
    Second, sizes of the paper bag, thickness of paper.
    Send sample bag picture if available.
    Then we will recommend the right machine to you!





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