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Cardboard Slitting Machine

The Cardboard Slitting Machine is an ideal option for businesses in the packaging industry looking to maximize efficiency and productivity. Able to create custom-sized cardboard sheets with minimal human involvement, this machine offers a range of benefits such as reduced labor costs, consistent quality across all processes, and reduced material wastage. Furthermore, it can also provide features like creasing, scoring, and perforating so that folding cartons and pop-up displays can be produced. Its accuracy, reliability, and high capacity make the Cardboard Slitting Machine an invaluable tool for streamlining any production process.

Cardboard Slitting Machine

You can customize your cardboard cuts and scores to your exact specifications using the cardboard slitting machine, which offers unparalleled precision. With its adjustable blades and variable speed control, you can package a wide range of products using this machine. In addition, its user-friendly control panel makes it easy to get started right away.

Samples of Cardboard Slitting Machine

K21A Cardboard Slitting Machine

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  • The system automatically cuts vertical and horizontal boards, requires only one person to operate, reducing the number of people needed, reduces intermediate handling links, automatically discharges and concentrates scraps, and automatically stacks the finished products.
    Model K21A
    Original board size (L*W) First cut size Min. 750*750mm Max. 1220*1220mm
    Second cut size Min. 750*150mm Max. 1220*450mm
    Finished size (L*W) L: 150-450mm W: 85-600mm
    Board thickness 1-4 mm
    Capacity of the board feeder Max. 40 sheets/min
    Capacity of the strip feeder Max. 120m/min
    Power supply AC 380V, 50Hz
    Rated power 11kw
    Machine dimensions L11000*W6700*H2200 mm
  • 1. With the function of digital knife and ruler, the computer input size improves the product accuracy;
    2. The paperboard raw material is fed into the whole tray (1.5m high) and automatically transported by flying;
    3. The longitudinal cardboard is automatically transported to the transverse slitting part after the slitting is completed;
    4. After the transverse cardboard cutting is completed, it will be automatically stacked into the whole tray (1.2m high);
    5. The corner waste is broken automatically and transported to an outlet in a centralized way to facilitate garbage cleaning;
    6. Simple and humanized operation process to reduce production process;
    7. The automatic centralized oil supply device can lubricate all parts at fixed time and in fixed quantity;
    8. Adopt PLC and touch screen control to make the operation more intuitive and friendly.

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  • Q What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

    A First, paper raw material: reel paper or sheet paper.
    Second, sizes of the paper bag, thickness of paper.
    Send sample bag picture if available.
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