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Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

A fully automatic paper bag machine is a highly efficient piece of equipment that is designed to produce large quantities of high-quality paper bags with minimal human intervention. This machine typically incorporates advanced technologies such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), servo motors, and touch-screen displays to automate the entire bag-making process. With the use of this machine, operators can easily set parameters such as bag size, shape, and paper thickness, after which the machine will automatically feed, cut, fold, glue, and output the finished bags. In addition to improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs, fully automatic paper bag machines also contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing waste, air pollution, and energy consumption.

Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

The square bottom paper bag machine is a specialized piece of manufacturing equipment designed to produce high-quality paper bags with a square bottom. These machines are capable of producing bags in a variety of sizes and styles, making them ideal for use in a wide range of industries. They feed paper rolls through a series of rollers and cutters, which shape the paper into the desired bag size and shape. The resulting bags are then folded and glued together to create a strong and durable product. Square-bottom paper bags are ideal for carrying heavier items, making them popular in grocery stores and other retail environments. Overall, the square bottom paper bag machine is a reliable and efficient way to produce high-quality paper bags that meet the needs of today's demanding marketplace.


One Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine With Multiple Options

Inline Printer:

It allows you to print images, patterns, and other designs on your finished product quickly and easily. This flexo printing machine can be used either offline or online.


This new feature is used to make D-shaped holders in paper bags. It can be customized to meet your needs. Die-cutting is also known as D-cutting.

Window Unit:

A thin film strip is wound onto a take-up reel by the machine from a supply reel.

Handle Making Machine:

Paper bags with twisted or flat handles can be made with a handle-making machine.

Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

    square bottom paper bag
    Model RKFD-220 RKFD-330 RKFD-450 RKHF-460 RKFD-450B RKFD-550
    Paper bag cutting length (C) 190-395mm 260-530mm 260-530mm 300-630mm 360-800mm 360-800mm
    Paper bag width (W) 80-220mm 130-330mm 180-450mm 200-460mm 220-450mm 220-550mm
    Paper bag bottom width (H) 50-100mm 70-180mm 70-180mm 90-220mm 100-250mm 100-250mm
    Paper roll width 290-670mm 400-1050mm 570-1290mm 610-1390mm 670-1430mm 670-1630mm
    Paper thickness 45-120g/m2 60-160g/m2 60-160g/m2 60-160g/m2 80-160g/m2 80-160g/m2
    Max. speed 30-200pcs/min 60-200pcs/min 60-180pcs/min 60-150pcs/min 30-120pcs/min 30-100pcs/min
    Power 11KW 8KW 8KW 25KW 15KW 15KW
    Dimension L8000*W3000
    Weight 5000 KGS 8500 KGS 10000 KGS 11000KGS 12000 KGS 14000 KGS
  • suqare bottom paper bag making machine
  • Rolling inflatable shaft with Hydraulic automatic feeding system
    Magnetic powder controller
    Correction system drive by servo motor
    The side correction adopts an ultrasonic sensor Hydraulic system for sheet roller changing Automatic gluing system, adjusting the quantity of glue and location directly
    An integrated tube forming adjustment structure
    Germany brand SICK automatic color mark
    Japan Yaskawa servo motor driving roller
    Automatic lubrication system
    Automatic collecting system
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Apart from square-bottom paper bag machines, Rokin Machinery also manufactures fully automatic paper bag machines, v-bottom paper bag machines, case-making machines, cardboard slitting machines, and others. The packaging equipment manufacturing industry is our specialty, and we have many engineers who have more than twenty years of experience.
  • Q Are you manufacturer or trading company?

    A We are the manufacturer and have over 200 workers.
  • Q Where is your factory located? May I have a visit?

    A Warmly welcome! Our factory is located in Wenzhou city.
  • Q How is the quality of your machine?

    A We are in machine manufacturer over 20 years and regard quality as the life of the enterprise.We choose the world famous manufacturers as our suppliers. And besides, we have our own quality inspector.Machine parts are checked one by one according to the drawings! Good quality and good after-sales help us obtain good reputation in the international market! We have a technical team of seven person and at the same time cooperate with other Research Institutes.We are committed to providing customers with the best packaging machine.
  • Q What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

    A First, paper raw material: reel paper or sheet paper.
    Second, sizes of the paper bag, thickness of paper.
    Send sample bag picture if available.
    Then we will recommend the right machine to you!





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