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paper bag (making) equipment

This bag making machine is designed for the automatic production of paper shopping bags with twisted handles, equipped with 4-color inline printing machine, which is an ideal choice for bag making operations looking to minimize operating costs without sacrificing quality.

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Applications of paper bag making equipment are diverse and valuable. These machines allow businesses to produce high-quality, customizable paper bags quickly and efficiently. With the increasing demand for environmentally-friendly packaging options, the use of paper bags has become more popular than ever before.
One significant application of these machines is in the retail industry. Many stores have switched to using paper bags instead of plastic ones as a way to reduce their environmental footprint. Paper bags can be customized with branding or design elements that help promote a company's image.
Another useful application is in food service industries, where disposable containers are necessary but often contribute to waste problems. Paper bags can serve as convenient take-out containers for sandwiches, pastries, and other snacks while being biodegradable and easy to recycle.
Many printing companies also benefit from owning this equipment since they frequently use printed packaging materials such as shopping bags or gift wraps.
It's clear that there are numerous applications for these machines across various sectors due to their versatility and usefulness in creating eco-friendly packaging solutions.


Paper bag cutting length (C)

260-530mm(without handle)260-530mm(without handle)360-700mm(without handle)360-700mm(without handle)
260-430mm(with handle)260-430mm(with handle)360-800mm(with handle)360-800mm(with handle)

Paper bag width (W)

130-330mm(without handle)180-450mm(without handle)220-450mm(without handle)220-550mm(without handle)
220-330mm(with handle)250-450mm(with handle)250-450mm(with handle)250-550mm(with handle)
Paper bag bottom width (H)70-180mm70-180mm100-250mm100-250mm
Paper roller width430-1050mm570-1290mm670-1430mm670-1630mm

Paper thickness

60-160g/m2(without handle)60-160g/m2(without handle)60-160g/m2(without handle)60-160g/m2(without handle)
80-160g/m2(with handle)80-160g/m2(with handle)90-160g/m2(with handle)90-160g/m2(with handle)
Max. speed120-200pcs/min120-200pcs/min120-200pcs/min120-200pcs/min
Flat handle width12mm12mm/15mm(choose one size)12mm/15mm(choose one size)12mm/15mm(choose one size)
Handle patch length152mm152mm152mm152mm
Handle patch width50mm50mm50mm50mm
Handle Height(with sheet)140mm140mm140mm140mm

How to make paper bags?

To make a paper bag, you will need:

-A4 size paper






What are the steps of making paper bags?

1. Start by folding the paper in half lengthwise. Crease the fold well and then unfold the paper.

2. Next, fold each side of the paper towards the center crease, making sure to align the edges of the paper as you go. Once again, crease the folds well and then unfold the paper.

3. Now you should have a piece of paper that is divided into four equal sections. Fold each section in half once more, this time width-wise. Crease these folds and then unfold the paper. 4. Take two opposite corners of the paper and bring them together so that they meet in the middle. Line up the edges of the paper as you do this and then staple them together to hold everything in place. 5. Repeat this step with the remaining two corners of the paper to form a bag shape. 6. Trim off any excess paper from around the staples using scissors, and then your bag is complete!


Alternatives to machinery making paper bags

One of the most popular alternatives to machinery making paper bags is hand-made paper bags. These can be made with a variety of materials, including recycled paper, fabric, and even plastic. Hand-made paper bags are often more durable than their machine-made counterparts and can be customized to any size or shape.

Another alternative to machinery making paper bags is using reusable bags. These can be made from a variety of materials, including cloth, nylon, and canvas. Reusable bags are typically more durable than disposable paper bags and can be used over again. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, making them perfect for any need.

Finally, another option for those looking for alternatives to machinery making paper bags is biodegradable bags. These can be made from a variety of materials, including cornstarch, potato starch, and even bamboo. Biodegradable bags are often more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts and will break down over time.


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