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machine paper bag production

This bag making machine is designed for the automatic production of paper shopping bags with twisted handles, equipped with 4-color inline printing machine, which is an ideal choice for bag making operations looking to minimize operating costs without sacrificing quality.


Paper cutting length

260-530mm(without handle)260-530mm(without handle)260-530mm(without handle)260-530mm(without handle)

Paper bag width

130-330mm(without handle)150-450mm(without handle)220-450mm(without handle)220-550mm(without handle)
220-330mm(with handle)250-450mm(with handle)250-450mm(with handle)250-550mm(with handle)
Paper bag bottom width70-180mm70-180mm100-250mm100-250mm

Paper thickness

Twisted handle diameter3-4mm3-4mm3-4mm3-4mm
Handle patch width45mm50mm50mm50mm
Twisted handle height140-150mm140-150mm140-150mm140-150mm
Paper roller width430-1050mm570-1290mm670-1430mm670-1630mm
Machine speed60-150pcs/min60-150pcs/min30-120pcs/min30-100pcs/min
Machine dimensionL12000*W5400*H2600mmL12000*W5600*H2600mmL13500*W5700*H2600mmL13500*W5700*H2600mm

What is the function of the products produced by bags paper machine?

The paper machine is an essential piece of equipment in the paper bag industry. Its responsible for producing all kinds of bags, from shopping bags to gift bags, and more. But what exactly does this machine do? And what are the functions of the products it produces? In this blog post, we will take a closer look at how paper machines work and why they are so important in the paper bag industry. We will discuss their various components and functions as well as explore some of the different types of products they can produce. By understanding paper machines and their capabilities, youll have a better understanding of how your business can benefit from using them.


The Background information of the bags paper machine?

Bags paper machine is responsible for the production of sacks used in the packaging of a wide variety of products. The most common use for these sacks is to protect goods during transportation. They are also used to store goods in warehouses and to package goods for sale. Bags paper machine produces two types of sacks: kraft paper sacks and multi-wall paper sacks.


The Process of Making Bags Paper

Bags paper machine is used to make various types of bags, such as lunch bags, paper shopping bags, and gift bags. The process of making these bags usually involves several steps, such as cutting the paper to the desired size, folding the paper into the desired shape, and then gluing or stapling the sides together. Some bags may also require handles or other embellishments to be added. Once the bag is complete, it can be used for its intended purpose.



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