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custom paper bags making machine

This bag making machine is designed for the automatic production of paper shopping bags with twisted handles, equipped with 4-color inline printing machine, which is an ideal choice for bag making operations looking to minimize operating costs without sacrificing quality.

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The custom paper bags making machine is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that has transformed the way businesses create customized packaging. This innovative machine is designed to produce high-quality paper bags quickly and efficiently, helping companies save time and money on their production process.
Built with durable materials and advanced technology, this machine can handle even the most complex designs with ease. It comes equipped with customizable settings, allowing businesses to adjust everything from bag size to printing patterns.
One of the key features of this machine is its ability to produce paper bags in large quantities. With a fast production rate, it's ideal for businesses looking to create bulk orders without sacrificing quality or speed.
The custom paper bags making machine offers an unparalleled level of customization and efficiency for businesses looking to create branded packaging. Whether you're producing retail shopping bags or promotional gift bags, this versatile piece of equipment can help you achieve your goals while maximizing your profits.


Paper cutting length

260-530mm(without handle)260-530mm(without handle)360-800mm(without handle)360-800mm(without handle)
260-430mm(with handle)260-430mm(with handle)360-700mm(with handle)360-700mm(with handle)

Paper bag width

130-330mm(without handle)150-450mm(without handle)220-450mm(without handle)220-550mm(without handle)
220-330mm(with handle)250-450mm(with handle)250-450mm(with handle)250-550mm(with handle)
Paper bag bottom width70-180mm70-180mm100-250mm100-250mm
Paper thickness60-160g/m2(without handle)60-160g/m2(without handle)60-160g/m2(without handle)60-160g/m2(without handle)
80-160g/m2(with handle)80-160g/m2(with handle)90-160g/m2(with handle)90-160g/m2(with handle)
Twisted handle diameter3-4mm3-4mm3-4mm3-4mm
Handle patch length152mm190mm190mm190mm
Handle patch width45mm50mm50mm50mm
Twisted handle height140-150mm140-150mm140-150mm140-150mm
Paper roller width430-1050mm570-1290mm670-1430mm670-1630mm
Machine speed60-150pcs/min60-150pcs/min30-120pcs/min30-100pcs/min
Machine weight18000KG19500KG19500KG23000KG
Machine dimensionL12000*W5400*H2600mmL12000*W5600*H2600mmL13500*W5700*H2600mmL13500*W5700*H2600mm

what is the main structure of the custom paper bags making machine?

The custom paper bag making machine is a versatile solution for businesses looking to produce customized bags. It has become increasingly popular as an efficient and cost-effective way to create custom packaging. But what exactly is the main structure of the custom paper bag making machine? In this article, we will be exploring the main components that make up this unique machine. From its production line to the end product, each piece of the puzzle serves an important purpose in the manufacturing process. Well also discuss how technology can be used to further increase production efficiency and reduce costs associated with making paper bags.


Custom paper bags making machine

A custom paper bags making machine usually consists of a feeder, an inkjet printer, and a cutting device. The machine is designed to print images or text on paper bags and then cut them to the desired size.


The main structure of the custom paper bags making machine

The main structure of the custom paper bags making machine is made up of four parts: the paper feeding part, the printing part, the bag making part and the counting and packing part.

The paper feeding part is responsible for feeding the flat bottom paper into the machine. The printing part is responsible for printing the design or logo onto the flat bottom paper. The bag making part is responsible for forming the flat bottom paper into a bag shape. The counting and packing part is responsible for counting the finished bags and packing them into boxes.



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