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Characteristic Of V Bottom Bags

Applicable Scene:

V-bottom bags have a wide range of applications due to their unique design and versatile features. They are commonly used in grocery stores, bakeries, gift shops, and even for packaging products such as coffee beans or spices.

Product Features:

1. Unique shape: Stand upright on their own, making it easier for customers to access the contents of the bag.
2. Multi-function: They can be used for a wide range of products, including coffee beans, tea leaves, nuts, dried fruit, and more.
3. Offer excellent branding opportunities: With plenty of space for custom printing or labeling, businesses can use these bags as an effective marketing tool by displaying logos or product information directly on the packaging.
4. Durability: The "V" shape at the bottom of the bag distributes weight evenly, reducing stress points that can cause tearing or punctures.

The Characteristics That Distinguish It From Other Paper Bags:

1. What distinguishes V bottom bags from flat-bottomed or gusseted bags is their ability to stand up on their own without any external support.
2. Easy to carry groceries: Easy to carry other items with sharp edges or corners because the reinforced bottom provides extra support.
3. V-bottom bags often have reinforced handles, making them more comfortable to carry even when loaded with heavy items.
Catalog Of V Bottom Bags
What Can Rokin Machines Customize?
V bottom paper bag with window
Parameters Of V Bottom Bag
Model RKJD-250 RKJD-350
Paper bag production speed 350-420pcs/min 600-700pcs/min card
Max. Machine speed 75m/min 120m/min
Paper bag cutting length (C) 110-450mm 155-715mm
Paper bag width (W) 70-250mm 70-350mm
Side insert width(G) 20-120mm 20-120mm
Bag mouth height 15/20mm 15/20mm
Paper thickness 35-80g/m2 35-80g/m2
Paper roll width 100-760mm 100-980mm
Power 10KW 20KW
Weight 4500 KGS 6500 KGS
Dimension L6800*W1600*H1600mm L7500*W2300*H1800mm




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