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Characteristic of D-cutting Bags

Product features

  Unique Shape: D-cutting bags have a simple, yet efficient design, with a handle cutout in the shape of a "D".
  Portable: They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for items that are not too heavy.
  D-cutting bags are available in various materials such as plastic, paper, and non-woven fabric.
  Cost- effective: They are affordable and can be produced in large quantities, making them suitable for businesses on a budget.
  Customized: D-cutting bags can be customized with different colors and designs to reflect a brand's identity.

Applicable scene

  Retail stores: D-cutting bags are commonly used in retail stores, especially for small items like jewelry, cosmetics, and stationery.
  Restaurants: pack takeaway meals or snacks.
  Carry documents: they provide an easy way to transport papers without damaging them.
  Exhibition activities: attendees will need to carry promotional items or brochures.

Catalog of D-cutting Bag

Catalog of D-cutting Bag

Paper bag cutting length
Patch thickness
Paper bag width
Patch width
Paper bag bottom width

Parameters of D-cutting Bag

Model RKFD-330P RKFD-450P
Paper bag cutting length (C) 260-530mm 260-530mm
Paper bag width (W) 130-330mm 140-450mm
Paper bag bottom width (H) 70-180mm 70-180mm
Paper thickness 60-160g/m2 60-160g/m2
Max. speed 150-200pcs/min 150-200pcs/min
Paper roll width 430-1050mm 570-1290mm
Max. Paper roller diameter 1200mm 1200mm
Paper roller inner diameter 76mm 76mm
Patch thickness 80-120g/m2 80-120g/m2
Patch width 80-100mm 80-100mm
Max. diameter of patch roll 700mm 700mm
Air supply >0.12m3/min 0.6MPA >0.12m3/min 0.6MPA
Machine supply 380V, 50Hz, three phase, four wires 380V, 50Hz, three phase, four wires
Power 15.8Kw 15.8Kw
Weight 9500 KGS 1100 KGS
Dimension L11700×W2100×H2000mm L11700×W2450×H2000mm
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