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What Are the Benefits of Using the Paper Bag Making Machine?

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Paper bags are easily made with a paper bag making machine and the process is simple. With this type of machine, you can make paper bags in any size or shape that you need. You can also add handles to the bags, which makes them easier to carry.

  • What is the workflow of paper bag making machine?

  • What is the use value of paper bag making machine?

  • What are the types of paper bag making machine?

What is the workflow of paper bag making machine?

The rope and the paper reel are made into a handle, and the handle is sent to the sticking unit through the conveying system, and then the prepared roll paper is pre-cut at the paper rope position, glued at the patch position, and automatically pasted by the hand. Finally, the paper with the handle is coated with edge glue, formed into a tube, cut, indented, bottom glued, bag bottom formed and transported out of the bag. The whole process is completed synchronously at one time.

What is the use value of paper bag making machine?

The application of paper bag making machine on kraft paper can produce paper bags of different sizes; it can produce film-coated window-opening tip-bottom paper bags; pre-printed base paper can be used, or blank base paper can be used with in-line printing machines; various in-line equipment can be purchased , to meet the diverse needs of the market.

Application scenarios of pointed bottom paper bag machine: special paper bags for environmentally friendly paper bags such as pointed bottom paper bags, window-opening bread bags, rest food, dried fruit bags, etc.

What are the types of paper bag making machine?

The portable paper bag machine, on the basis of automatic paper suction, automatic gluing and forming, automatic bottom paste, and automatic output of products, has overcome two major technical difficulties of automatic reinforcement of paste bottom and no indentation of finished products through technical research.

Paper bag automatic tube forming machine: use creasing single-sheet paper as raw material, go through the processes of automatic paper suction, automatic line alignment, gluing tube, automatic folding organ position, cylinder pressing, etc., and finally output forming paper tube , Water-soluble cold glue is used in the process of gluing the cylinder (glue spraying system is optional). This machine is an ideal equipment for manufacturing high-grade handbags. Speed: 100 m/min

Applicable paper quality: kraft paper, coated paper, white paper, white cardboard (including laminated paper)

Bottom gluing machine: the unsealed paper tube put into the bottom card by hand, after automatic conveying, automatic glue spraying, automatic bottom sticking, automatic compaction and other processes, the output is a bottom-sealed paper bag. This machine is equipped with four spray guns, and the customer can adjust the thickness of the glue and the position of the glue according to the requirements of the paper bag. Speed: 60-80 m/min

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