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Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Machine

Sheet-feeding paper bag machines are an innovative and efficient way to produce high-quality, custom paper bags quickly and cost-effectively. These machines are designed to automatically feed sheets of paper into the machine, where they are printed, cut, glued, and folded. With advanced technology and precision engineering, sheet-feeding paper bag machines can create a wide range of paper bag sizes and styles, from small lunch bags to large grocery bags. This means that businesses can easily customize their paper bags to meet their specific needs, whether they need eco-friendly packaging or want to promote their brand with eye-catching designs. Overall, sheet-feeding paper bag machines offer a convenient and reliable solution for businesses looking to produce high-quality paper bags efficiently and at a competitive price point.

Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Machine

This automatic sheet-feeding paper bag-making machine is the perfect selection for mass-producing bags. Its combination of mechanical, electrical, optical, and gas integration technologies and other proprietary advancements allows it to smoothly perform paper feeding, positioning, die-cutting, reinforced paper gluing, reinforced paper pasting, top folding, tube forming, gusset forming and square bottom folding with gluing all in one go. Variable speed drive technology along with vertical and horizontal creasing and bottom folding provides for a trackless bag modeling process. PLC programmable control technology combined with frequency control offers integral multi-dimensional control as well as a single-point remote control operation system. On account of these remarkable features, it is regarded as the top domestic product of its kind regarding both quality and efficiency.

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Sheet Feeding Paper Bag Machine Detail

    Model RKDZ-220T RKDZ-350T RKDZ-450T
    Paper bag width 130-250mm 180-350mm 220-450mm
    Paper width 490-770mm 600-1040mm 600-1240mm
    Paper length 260-450mm 340-600mm 350-600mm
    Bag bottom width 60-130mm 80-150mm 90-170mm
    Paper thickness 100-190g/m2 120-200g/m2 120-220g/m2
    Bag mouth fold width 40-50mm 40-60mm 40-60mm
    Max. speed 40-75pcs/min 40-75pcs/min 40-75pcs/min
    Twisted handle diameter ø4-6mm ø4-6mm ø4-6mm
    Handle patch length 114mm 152mm 188mm
    Handle patch width 40-50mm 40-55mm 40-55mm
    Handle Height(with sheet) 160-185mm 170-185mm 170-195mm
    Patch paper thickness 100-140g/m2 120-150g/m2 120-180g/m2
    Patch paper roll width 80-100mm 80-110mm 80-110mm
    Power 20KW, 380V/50HZ 22KW, 380V/50HZ 22KW, 380V/50HZ
    Weight 18000KGS 20000KGS 22000KW
    Dimension L14000*W5000*H3100mm L15000*W5500*H3100mm L16000*W6000*H3100mm
    paper bag making process
  • Here are the features of a fully automatic sheet-feeding paper bag machine:
    1. It has a PLC control system with touchscreen operation for easy control of settings and processes.
    2. The machine is equipped with a high-speed servo motor drive, which ensures fast and accurate bag production.
    3. It has a photocell sensor that detects paper automatically, minimizing waste and improving efficiency.
    4. The machine can handle various types of paper, including kraft paper, art paper, whiteboard paper, and laminated paper.
    5. It can produce bags of different sizes and shapes, such as flat bags, gusset bags, and shopping bags.
    6. The machine is equipped with dual-lane feeding, which enables it to produce two bags at once, increasing production speed.
    7. It has an automatic hydraulic system for easier and more precise paper feeding.
    8. The machine has a safety device that prevents accidents during operation.
    9. It can produce up to 280 bags per minute, making it perfect for high-volume production.
    10. The quality of produced bags is high, with neat edges, uniformity in size, and excellent strength.
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Wenzhou Rokin Machinery CO. Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality paper bag machinery in China. Our company has been devoted to the research, development, and production of advanced packaging machines for over a decade, and we take pride in offering our customers reliable and efficient solutions to their packaging needs. Our product line includes a wide range of packaging machines such as fully automatic paper bag machines, and v-bottom paper bag machines. We also offer customized packaging solutions tailored to meet our customer's specific needs. Our machines are widely used in industries such as food, shopping, medicine, and gift.
  • Q Are you manufacturer or trading company?

    A We are the manufacturer and have over 200 workers.
  • Q Where is your factory located? May I have a visit?

    A Warmly welcome! Our factory is located in Wenzhou city.
  • Q How is the quality of your machine?

    A We are in machine manufacturer over 20 years and regard quality as the life of the enterprise.We choose the world famous manufacturers as our suppliers. And besides, we have our own quality inspector.Machine parts are checked one by one according to the drawings! Good quality and good after-sales help us obtain good reputation in the international market! We have a technical team of seven person and at the same time cooperate with other Research Institutes.We are committed to providing customers with the best packaging machine.
  • Q What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

    A First, paper raw material: reel paper or sheet paper.
    Second, sizes of the paper bag, thickness of paper.
    Send sample bag picture if available.
    Then we will recommend the right machine to you!





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